Tips For Finding the Right Home Improvement Contractor

May 15, 2019

Investing in home improvements can be beneficial in many different ways. It can improve the function, aesthetic, quality of life, and property value of your home. However, much of that depends on who you hire to do your home improvements. A contractor that does a poor job can end up costing you a significant amount […]

Budget Friendly Home Modifications For Seniors

March 14, 2019

If you’re thinking about investing in a few renovations, then you should consider home improvements that will add function to your home. However, don’t just think about what you currently need. Your needs are likely to change as you age. If you plan on growing old in your home, you’ll want to prepare for the […]

8 Ideas To Make Your Home Accessible

January 10, 2019

Are you having difficulty navigating your home? You’re not alone. Many elderly people go through this experience. Not feeling at home in your home is a common and unfortunate side effect of aging. Fortunately, there are things you can do about this. Here are 8 ideas to make your home more accessible.

8 Questions To Ask Before Building a Wheelchair Ramp

September 11, 2018

Building an effective, safe, and legal wheelchair ramp isn’t necessarily a difficult or complicated project, but it’s definitely one you want to be done right. Whether you’re building a ramp for a residential property, your place of business, or your own home, you need to know that it’s a reliable tool for wheelchair-bound individuals. Before you start […]

Different Types of Exterior Home Wheelchair Ramps

August 9, 2018

Comming to terms with a disability has its challenges. It requires changes to your lifestyle and the way you use your home. Wheelchair accessibility is one of the most basic and, probably, the most important part of this process.

Age Proof Your Home Remodel

July 17, 2018

If you’re planning on investing in home improvements, you’ll want to consider what your goals are. If you think you’re going to live out the rest of your life in your home, then focusing on renovations that are more geared to improving the resale value is pointless.

Key Designs in your New Accessible Kitchen

February 13, 2018

Good design must reflect your personal tastes and the functional needs of everyone in the house. Every family is unique in its own way, and your functional needs may change over time. In many homes, the kitchen plays a central role in bringing people together.

8 Tips For Safety In Your Accessible Home

December 12, 2017

Making a home handicap accessible is not as challenging as many assume. You can greatly enhance the safety and comfort of your living space with the proper planning, materials, and strategy. Here’s a look at a few tips that will make the home modification process as smooth and effective as possible. Mind the Flooring A […]

What is the difference between accessible, usable, and universal design

November 16, 2017

The design concepts behind the products we use on a daily basis can be distinguished from one another. Terms commonly used for such concepts are usable design, accessible design, and universal design. Each is a unique approach to design that improves product utility. Such concepts are applicable to customer services, the built environment and even […]

What to Consider Before Hiring a Building Contractor

September 28, 2017

Completing a home remodeling project can be either stressful or satisfying depending on the contractor. There are several considerations to help you narrow in on the right contractor. Look at the search process as a time for you to build a relationship with someone who could make the next few months blissful or stressful.