Is your Home Mobility Friendly?

February 12, 2019

Creating a mobility friendly home is something you should strongly consider doing even if you don’t have a member of your household that has some issues with mobility. By creating a mobility friendly home, you’ll be able to age in place much more comfortably, conveniently, and most importantly, more safely.

What to Consider Before Adding a Chairlift to Your Home

October 23, 2018

A well-designed and properly installed chairlift provides an excellent solution for anyone who is experiencing mobility issues with the stairways in their home. A chairlift will deliver safe access to an upper level or a basement and is easily operated. Still, there are a number of factors to consider before making a final decision on […]

8 Questions To Ask Before Building a Wheelchair Ramp

September 11, 2018

Building an effective, safe, and legal wheelchair ramp isn’t necessarily a difficult or complicated project, but it’s definitely one you want to be done right. Whether you’re building a ramp for a residential property, your place of business, or your own home, you need to know that it’s a reliable tool for wheelchair-bound individuals. Before you start […]

What to Consider Before Adding a Wheelchair Ramp

May 22, 2018

  If someone in your household is wheelchair bound, then making your home easily accessible to them can be a real challenge. There are no doubt a number of renovations that you’ll want to make throughout your home in order to improve safety and to simply make the space easier for them to use. However, […]

Adding A Wheelchair Ramp To Your Existing Deck

March 15, 2018

Spring is the perfect time to add a ramp to your deck. A ramp will make it that much easier for wheelchair users and those who can’t climb steps access your home. Selecting the proper wheelchair ramp for your property will prove essential to its lifespan, beauty and functionality. Once the right wheelchair ramp is […]

How Wheelchair Ramp Services Can Improve Your Home’s Level of Accessibility

October 3, 2015

Your home is under no obligation to remain accessible to wheelchairs, but you may make your home accessible with wheelchair ramp services in Brownstown MI. Every new installation will convert areas of your home to wheelchair accessible ramps, but you must work with an installer who understands how to make your home easy for the […]

How to Quickly Make Your Home Wheelchair Friendly

April 3, 2013

Making a home wheelchair friendly can be a tricky prospect, though of course the effort is certainly in service of a worthy cause. People in wheelchairs can indeed have a very difficult time navigating around a typical home, with a thousand things in their way making their journey that much more difficult. If a wheelchair-bound […]