How Wheelchair Ramp Services Can Improve Your Home’s Level of Accessibility

October 3, 2015

Your home is under no obligation to remain accessible to wheelchairs, but you may make your home accessible with wheelchair ramp services in Brownstown MI. Every new installation will convert areas of your home to wheelchair accessible ramps, but you must work with an installer who understands how to make your home easy for the disabled to use. Each step explored in this article will help you make your home accessible to the handicapped, and your home will increase in value almost immediately.

Handicap Ramp
#1: The Front Steps

You can include a ramp with your front steps which will allow anyone to enter your home. The ramp may sit alongside your steps, or the ramp may approach your home from one side. The ramp may enter your porch away from the steps, allowing anyone in a wheelchair may enter your home quickly. Lifting a wheelchair up a set of steps is very dangerous, but your new ramp will help the disabled enter your home on their own.

#2: Ramps Across The Lawn

Adding ramps to your lawn will help members of your family or guests cross the lawn safely. The ramps will help you keep people safe around your home, and the ramps may reach any part of your property. The property can have paths that go from the front door to the back deck, and you may welcome people to your home without worrying about their safety.

#3: Interior Ramps And Stairlifts

The interior ramps of your home will help people in wheelchairs make their way around your home safely. Short stairwells will include ramps that have been added, and these ramps will help someone in a wheelchair traverse the first floor of your house with ease.

The ramps may lead to a stairlift that will take the disabled from one level of the house to another. The stairlift is its own installation, but there must be a ramp present that leads the wheelchair-bound to the stairlift safely. The combination of a ramp and stairlift will make your home accessible to anyone with even a minor disability. People on walkers may make their way up each ramp safely, and people who must use canes may find the ramps easier to cross.

#4: Quick Installation

The wheelchair ramp you require in Brownstown MI may be installed in just a few hours by a trained professional. You must have these ramps installed before family gatherings, reunions or parties. You may contact the contractor for assistance with your installation, and the contractor will give you a quote for the work that includes all materials and labor. You will have the ramps you need to enter your home safely, and the work is done in a timely manner.

Every home in the area must be accessible to those with disabilities, and wheelchair ramp services will install the ramps on any part of the property. A ramp may reach the front door, access the deck or help people get around the house. Contact an installer for assistance with new wheelchair ramps to accommodate a disabled friend or family member.

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