What to Consider Before Adding a Chairlift to Your Home

October 23, 2018

What to Consider Before Adding a Chairlift to Your Home

A well-designed and properly installed chairlift provides an excellent solution for anyone who is experiencing mobility issues with the stairways in their home. A chairlift will deliver safe access to an upper level or a basement and is easily operated. Still, there are a number of factors to consider before making a final decision on which options to choose.

  • Straight versus curved –As should be obvious, it is far easier to install a chairlift in a stairway that runs in a straight line uninterrupted by landings, bends or curves, Curved ones change direction either in a continuous manner or at right angles if necessary. The former type of chair lift can be as affordable as $3,000 installed while the latter type can run to $15,000 depending on the complexity of the installation.


  • Weight capacity – It is an unfortunate fact of life that people with mobility problems tend to gain weight over the course of their lives. It is critical to consider this factor and to plan for any future weight gain when deciding on a chairlift. Not only must the chair itself be sturdy but also the mounting hardware. In addition, an adequately powered motor also needs to be installed.


  • Swivel seat or perch lift – A large majority of chairlifts are installed with swivel seats for easier access. Some homeowners, however, have significant trouble simply bending their needs. For these folks, a perch lift – that is, one that allows them to simply walk onto stand on the platform – while they are being transported from one level of the home to another. Armrest and safety belts are standard equipment on both types of lift so safety is a minor concern.


  • Electric (AC) and a battery powered (DC) – AC units are wired directly into the homes electrical grid. They are essentially maintenance free but will not work in an emergency where the power to the house is interrupted. On the other hand, battery powered chairlifts can be used in an emergency where electrical power is lost but they must be regularly charged. In addition, the battery does eventually wear out so there is an ongoing maintenance cost.


  • Call / Send feature – If only one person in the home will be using the chairlift, this will not be needed because the lift will always be on the needed level of the house. If two persons will be using it, there will be times when one or the other of them will need to remotely call for or send the chair to a different level.

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