What to Consider for Your Bathroom Renovation

December 17, 2020

Remodeling your bathroom is no small project. Sure, you need a budget and you have to factor in a timeline. But what will it look like once the construction dust and debris has cleared?

It is best to envision your finished bathroom before beginning the remodel. The best bathroom designs perfectly pair functionality and atmosphere. So, where do you start? Looking for some inspiration? Luckily, we have some ideas for you to consider as you plan your bathroom renovation.

Modern bathroom renovation full of natural light from large window.


Excellent lighting is a must in a bathroom as it is typically the room of your home with the least natural light. Recessed light fixtures around mirrors help with shaving, make-up applying, and hairstyling. This is especially true if you opt for color-corrected daylight fluorescent, halogen, or LED lighting as grooming and makeup are best done in more natural light.

Lighting in the shower is also recommended. Not only does it help layer light and take away shadows, but it adds an element of safety to your daily showers, too.


There is nothing more frustrating than a cluttered countertop. Bathrooms often fall victim to this due to a lack of easily accessible storage spaces. You can add them around the vanity and over the toilet. But, be sure to choose cabinets that won’t be prone to warping in the humid bathroom environment.

In addition, adding a recessed medicine cabinet above the vanity will give you a sleek, modern look while giving you even more storage space within arms reach.


Bathroom countertops are an easy way to dress up a small space you spend a large amount of time in. Bathroom counters can be made from a wide variety of materials including marble, quartz, and engineered stone.

Granite tends to be a low-maintenance countertop choice for the bathroom. It is extremely durable and easy to clean but tends to cost a little more than other countertop choices.

Bathtub vs. Shower

Just because it is called a bathroom doesn’t mean it has to have a bathtub. Only invest in one if you actually take baths. If you don’t, consider spending the money and space on a larger high-end shower. However, it is important to note some real estate experts believe bathrooms with tubs appeal more to potential buyers, especially families with young kids.


Choosing a toilet can make or break even the best bathroom designs. Modern decor calls for toilets with hidden tanks. Mounting the tank inside the wall not only looks sleek, but it can save space and cut down on noise made by flushing. However, before you decide to hide a tank, keep in mind that maintenance could be an issue if you need to access it.

You also want to be sure you choose a toilet that will get the job done with just one flush. High-efficiency toilets can use half of the water of other models. Be sure you look to a commode with a Maximum Performance (MaP) testing score of 500 or higher.


Flooring is another important decision that must be made when planning your bathroom remodel. The flooring you choose has to be durable, as well as humidity and slip resistant.

Safety should be your top priority. Small, textured tile with extra grout helps prevent slips when the floor gets soapy or wet. You will find you have a vast array of bathroom tile options to fit any style and budget. Most will be easy to clean and there are a lot of options that are stain and mold resistant.

You may also choose to have heating elements installed under the flooring. Stepping onto a heated tile bathroom floor can help warm you up, even on the coldest winter days.


Whether you are considering one or several of these options, there’s no doubt you will enjoy the great improvements you are planning for your bathroom renovation. An amazing bathroom design needs an equally amazing team to make it a reality. Community Renovations specializes in a wide range of home improvement projects. Whether it’s a partial update or a full remodel, our experts will work with you every step of the way to create the bathroom of your dreams. Contact us today to get started. Find us online, or contact us for an estimate.