Five Barrier Free Home Additions and Their Impact

February 20, 2016

For resale purposes, adding square footage adds value to your home. After all, the real estate brokers must highlight the square footage in every brochure to justify the price of a home. However, if you can add square footage while making your home barrier free you’ll have made a tremendous difference in terms of both […]

The Pros of Installing Grab Bars Throughout Your Home

January 15, 2016

You have likely seen grab bars when you have used the restroom in public. These bars are often installed next to the toilet in a handicapped stall, making it easier for a person to lower onto the toilet and get up from it. Yet these helpful devices aren’t just for businesses trying to accommodate disabled […]

The Benefits of Installing a Walk-In Shower in Your Bathroom

December 8, 2015

For those that suffer from issues related to mobility, getting in and out of a shower and bathtub combination can be both dangerous and tricky. Hospitals are full of people who have slipped and fallen in their bathrooms. Such falls can cause injury or, in extreme instances, even death. This is a very common problem that […]

Choosing Between an Addition and a Remodeled Room

November 30, 2015

Your home is an oasis away from the world, but it can get a bit cramped over time. The family might be expecting a new baby, or a grandparent may be moving in permanently. Regardless of the family’s personal situation, a household simply requires more space for everyone’s comfort. At this point, you need to […]

How Wheelchair Ramp Services Can Improve Your Home’s Level of Accessibility

October 3, 2015

Your home is under no obligation to remain accessible to wheelchairs, but you may make your home accessible with wheelchair ramp services in Brownstown MI. Every new installation will convert areas of your home to wheelchair accessible ramps, but you must work with an installer who understands how to make your home easy for the […]

Altering Your Floorplan to Make Your Home More Handicap Accessible

September 28, 2015

Making your home more accessible to handicapped individuals is a good thing to do in this world, and you may be forced to do so when someone in your family is stricken with illness or injury. Floor plans in your home can be adjusted at any time to make more space for people with handicaps, […]

The Benefits of Hiring an ADA Remodeling Contractor

September 2, 2015

Most home improvement projects start with a DIY (do-it-yourself) idea. While such projects may seem easy in books or television, they do not always translate to the same in real life. The best home improvement strategy would be engaging the services of a contractor. There are many home improvement contractors who can easily transform your […]

Five Barrier Free Adjustments to Consider for Your Home

August 1, 2015

If you are looking to do significant renovations in your home, one of the options you might be seeking is barrier-free remodeling. This kind of renovation is best suited for disabled people. The following article takes you through the definition of this type of remodeling and the applications that can be made for your home. […]

Simple and Easy Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

July 30, 2015

There are several factors that you should consider when looking for a superb company offering kitchen remodeling services. If you are techno-savvy, you can search online to find your ideal company. It is essential to consider a company that boasts of an undisputed proven track record. Beyond that, here are a few ways you can […]

How to Optimally Remodel a Bathroom for a Handicapped User

June 6, 2015

If you have recently become handicapped or are simply moving into a new home, you’ll quickly find that the two of the most problematic rooms in a given house are the kitchen and bathroom. Both of these will probably need to undergo a good deal of remodeling to become easily accessible, but though changing your […]