Renovation Tips for an Organized and Easy-to-Clean Home

October 13, 2021

Our leisure time is precious. Why waste it cleaning your home or hunting for needed objects in the dark, back corner of the linen closet when you don’t have to? A well-designed renovation project will look beautiful and improve your home’s organization while making it easy to keep neat and clean. A home with lots of well-organized storage creates a calm environment, reduces stress, and even feels much larger than its actual size.

living room or bedroom remodel with built-in shelving

Start At The Bottom

  • Easy-to-clean homes start with the best flooring surfaces. After all, everything gets tracked across your floors or falls onto them. If you are renovating your kitchen, start with a new floor. Modern kitchen flooring options are beautiful, long-lasting, and super easy to clean. Most only need a swipe with a damp mop to make them look their best.
  • Replace carpets with new easy-care flooring to keep your home clean and germ-free. If you have pets, new floors make it much easier to clean up hair and other messes. New hard surface flooring also makes it easy to keep up with accidents and get rid of the dust and allergens that may be making your family sick.
  • Put your furniture on casters. The easier it is to move your things out of the way to clean, the faster it will be.
  • If you want the softness of carpeting, add colorful area rugs that can be removed and regularly cleaned.

The Best Bathroom Designs Start With Good Organization

Is your bathroom crowded and messy?  Shampoo bottles falling everywhere, and nowhere to get dressed, put on makeup, or keep extra towels handy? A well-organized bathroom renovation will add space and introduce a lovely sense of calm to your bathroom area.

  • Figure out what you need to keep and what to eliminate. Does it belong in the bathroom?  If not, find a new home for it or get rid of it.
  • Make a wish list.  Where do you do your hair and makeup? How will you store bath goods? Where will you keep toiletries? Deciding what you need, want, and how you will use it will make your bathroom renovation design a success.
  • Choose cabinets to keep all of your bathroom items in closed drawers that slide or pull out for easy access. Incorporate shallow drawers into your plans for makeup—outfit cabinet doors with storage racks designed to hold your hair appliances neatly out of sight. Closed storage is clean storage!
  • Create space for bath supplies. When upgrading your bathtub or shower, consider built-in shelves to hold shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and shaving supplies. Add a bar to hang a washcloth or bath sponge.
  • Consider updating your linen closet to a tall built-in cabinet with sliding drawers and baskets to make everything easy to reach.
  • Solid surfaces are much easier to clean. Minimize grout surfaces, and use materials that are easy to wipe and sanitize in a moment.
  • Consider color. Choosing a single color, like white, will automatically make any room feel larger, cleaner, and more organized.

Storage is Key

You’ve heard it before, a place for everything and everything in its place. Adding creative, functional storage spaces in your home will not only make things easier to find and keep tidy, but will also give your home a custom look and feel. Built in storage adds character, gives you a place to showcase special items, and creates spaces for everything without a lot of clutter. If you’re planning a home renovation, consider adding some storage spaces to help you and your family stay organized.

If your home feels small, disorganized, and is a challenge to keep clean, our renovation experts can help!  Let us help you design some home improvements that will keep your home more organized for years to come. Give us a call at Community Renovations to get started today.