Cozy Home Improvements that Will Increase Your Home’s Value

November 17, 2022

Winter is hibernation season, and we all want our homes to feel warm and cozy when the weather is chilly and uninviting. If you want to increase the comfort and value of your home, there are some excellent home improvements to consider.

Happy golden retriever laying in front of an electric fireplace

Add a Sunroom

Limited daylight hours and time spent indoors can leave us feeling sun deprived over the winter months. Adding a sunroom with tons of natural light can invite the sun in, allowing homeowners to feel the benefits of Vitamin D without the chill of the outdoors. While many sunrooms were previously built to be “three season” rooms, with the right planning, materials, and insulation, there is no reason a sunroom can’t be on your list for a home improvement this winter.

Install Heated Subfloors

On cold mornings, stepping onto a chilly bathroom or kitchen floor can be an idea that makes you want to stay in bed. Radiant, in-floor heating can be the solution. Heated flooring can not only make your floors feel nicer for bare feet, but they can help you distribute warmth through your home more efficiently. With a heated subfloor, the entire lower half of the room will benefit, taking stress off your HVAC system. Radiant floor heating is compatible with nearly every energy source and may even be eligible for discounts or tax credits. These floors are versatile and can be used sparingly throughout your house if necessary, making them a great home improvement.

Consider an Electric Fireplace

Home improvements are about making your home more comfortable and functional. During the cold winter months, an electric fireplace is a great investment for both the heating benefits and ambiance. Although gas fireplaces, wood burning stoves, and pellet stoves are all options too, an electric fireplace makes great sense. It’s both cost effective and low maintenance. Electric fireplaces install easily and can be used in nearly every space in your home, including those that could not be serviced by traditional fireplaces. They are very safe, and often come with automatic shut-off features. An additional benefit to helping keep children and pets safe is the glass front will stay cool while it’s running, even as the fireplace heats the room. Your contractor can help you look through multiple options and customize your selection to get exactly what you are looking for.

Maybe it’s Finally Time to Finish Your Basement

Many homeowners have basements, but not many of those are finished, and that can be such a waste of space. A finished basement will give you extra square footage for entertainment and exercise during the winter months. This home improvement can transform your cold space into a playroom, home gym, entertainment room, home theater, craft or hobby room, or even a guest bedroom. An unfinished basement can be an energy suck during the winter, but a finished basement with extra layers of insulation can keep your lower level warm and cozy. And of course, a finished basement will always increase your home’s value, making it one of the most worthwhile home improvements to consider.

When you are thinking about home improvements to make your home more comfortable and functional this winter, speak with a contractor about the best options for moving forward. A good contractor can take your wish list and work with your space, giving you much more than you ever thought possible. Community Renovations can help. Contact us to discuss your home improvement plans. We’ve been helping homeowners in this community create beautiful, functional spaces in their homes for many years, and we can put our expertise to work for you, too. Let’s talk today!