Advantages and Disadvantages to Curbless Walk In Shower Areas

October 24, 2017


Remodeling projects in your home require proper preparation; you need to think about your family needs, the budget and the amount of time you need. The trend in bathroom remodeling now is more towards curbless showers; however, you need to consider all factors before choosing one for your home. There are several advantages and disadvantages to choosing a curbless shower.


Accessible to All  

In today’s economy, you have several generations living together under the same roof to reduce the cost of living. Installing a curbless bathroom in your home means that everyone can access it easily. If you have elderly relatives in the house, or a loved one with a wheel chair or a disability, they can access the bathroom independently. Your bathroom becomes an ‘equal opportunity’ space for everyone, reducing the need for elderly or disabled members to rely on others.

Easy Cleaning

Reaching the small corner in shower enclosure is always difficult, leaving you with bruises on your elbows. Removing the curb opens up the shower cubicle making it easier for you to reach in when cleaning, without hurting your elbows, while reducing the to bend or squat.  

Proper Utilization of Space

A curbless shower allows you to maximize on available space. You can use the little space more effectively when you eliminate the need for a curbed shower base and an enclosure. For example, in spaces that limit you from creating a separate space for the shower, you can mount a wall shower head next to the vanity and the toilet.

Cost Saving

Installing a curbless shower saves you from the cost of materials and labor required to buy and install a shower door. You can keep your costs basic and reduce the amount of time you spend on the remodeling. Alternatively, you can use the money you would use on the door to get creative with the tiling and create a luxurious space to complement your home’s décor.


Reduced Privacy

Your shower time is an opportunity for you to spend some time alone; however, the open structure of the curbless shower minimizes the amount of privacy you get to enjoy. You can try to resolve the issue by using obscure glass, curtains or glass block for a little sense of privacy.

Flood Risk

Using a curbless shower increases the risk of water from the bathroom flooding into other areas of the house. Fortunately, there are several options for you to reduce the risk of flooding, namely:

  • Installing a curved glass block on the shower wall to move water back into the drain, and prevent it from moving outside of the shower space
  • Find a rain head with good pressure to keep the water in a more concentrated spot.


Since there is no door, the shower may get cold, especially in winter. You can remedy the situation by installing heated flooring to make the room warmer.

Once you weight the advantages and disadvantages, you are in a better position to make a decision for the remodeling of your bathroom. Think about your immediate and future family needs and the cost of the project. The experts at Community Renovations will present to you various options to help with your long-term plans.