Make the Most of Your Galley Kitchen Remodel

July 18, 2019

galley kitchen ideas

Not everybody has the space available to build the kitchen of their dreams. However, if you have a galley kitchen, which is a kitchen consisting of two parallel kitchen counters, there’s still plenty that you can do. In fact, galley kitchens are often very functional due to the fact that you can go from side to side quickly. The following are a few tips for getting the most out of your galley kitchen remodel.

1. Paint Your Kitchen Walls a Bright Color

A lot of homeowners are hesitant to add color to their kitchen walls because the trend has been to keep it neutral. However, adding a splash of color — especially, lighter pastel colors (think peach, pale lemon yellow, pale pink, and ivory) — can help to not only provide a stylistic flourish to your kitchen, but it can also help make the space feel a lot bigger than it is. If you do use one of these colors for your walls, consider keeping the cabinets white to maintain a pristine appearance and to provide some visual contrast.

2. Use Light-Colored Materials for Your Backsplash

Materials like glass, ceramic tiles, and marble are great options for a galley kitchen backsplash. Use light colors to make the kitchen feel more spacious and help to reflect light throughout the area. The more the light bounces around the kitchen, the more spacious it will feel.

3. Light It Up

Speaking of lighting, make sure your kitchen is well lit. The more windows your kitchen has, the better. If there are no windows or you only have one window, you need to plan a lighting scheme that provides plenty of light. In addition to overhead lighting, you’ll want to install task lighting. For example, adding LED lighting strips or halogen strips below your upper cabinets to provide adequate lighting for your counter space (and so that you don’t block the light with your own shadow). The better lit your kitchen is, the bigger and more welcoming it will feel. A lack of proper lighting will make the kitchen feel even smaller than it already is.

4. Use Flooring That Matches the Rest of Your Kitchen

You’ll want a flooring material that compliments the color of your walls, countertops, and cabinets. Try to avoid using dark-colored flooring as this will shrink the space. Lighter flooring will help give your kitchen a more open feeling. If you want to use dark-colored flooring, then you should consider keeping your kitchen walls, cabinets, and counters white. This kind of stark contrast can help in a smaller space like a galley kitchen.

5. Consider Glass Door Cabinets

Because you’re working with limited space, it can end up feeling like your cabinets take up way too much room. One way to get around this is to install glass doors. By being able to see through your cabinets, your cabinets will end up taking up less visual space even though the actual physical space they take up hasn’t changed.

These are just a few ideas you can use to inspire your galley kitchen remodel. For additional remodeling advice or to request information about our kitchen remodeling services, be sure to contact us at Community Renovations today.