A Luxurious Kitchen Remodel is Cheaper Than You Think

August 12, 2019

small luxury kitchen,

Most of the luxurious kitchens you see in magazines or on popular interior design websites and YouTube videos are huge and spacious. Does that mean you can’t convert your small kitchen into a luxurious space without knocking down some walls? Not at all! All you need is some cool small kitchen ideas to get you rolling.

Your Small Kitchen is a Blessing in Disguise and Not a Liability

Creating a small luxury kitchen is actually cheaper than remodeling a bigger space.You have less walls and open space to cover so you will ultimately spend less in material and labor. If you get the design right, you’ll end up with an immaculate kitchen that is easier to clean and maintain since you’ll not have as much square footage to scrub, dust, and wipe.

Here are the best ideas you can implement during your small kitchen remodel project.

Create Some More Space in the Kitchen

Consider an open shelf design that gets rid of cabinet doors leaving open space. This gives your kitchen the illusion of being bigger than it really is since you can see through your cabinetry to the wall behind. If you don’t fancy open cabinets, you can replace the doors with glass doors while retaining the open feel.

Swap Bland Fixtures with Luxurious Hardware

Replacing your simple hardware store faucets with luxurious alternatives will not only improve the functionality but also make your kitchen look better. Make the same decisions when purchasing cabinet and drawer handles. Go for premium looking designs to bump up the look and feel of all your kitchen fixtures.

Use a Lighter Color Scheme

Light colors reflect light making the kitchen brighter and livelier. If you can’t paint your cabinets, ensure that the walls and other open spaces are painted in a light color of your choice. The brightness this paint scheme creates will make your kitchen look bigger and a little bit luxurious than before.

Put Away Small Appliances

Small appliances like toasters, blenders, and coffee makers can easily chew up space on your countertops making your kitchen more claustrophobic. Store them away in an easy to reach place. After all, they are small and easy to grab when you need them.

Change Your Lighting Fixtures

That bland single light swinging down from your kitchen ceiling might be sufficient but it sure isn’t a beauty. How about replacing it with a pendant or chandelier? Cheap stainless steel pendants not only match with the rest of your appliances but also give your kitchen a sophisticated and classy look on a budget.

Give Your Appliances a Facelift

If you cannot afford to replace your old stove or fridge, you might get off the hook by thoroughly cleaning them or repainting to make them look newer. Stainless steel paint always looks simple but classy on kitchen appliances. However, let painting be the last resort if thorough cleaning doesn’t do the trick. Choosing the right paint and knowing how to paint for a smooth coat that doesn’t affect your appliance might take some time.

A luxurious kitchen remodel doesn’t have to be expensive. Apart from saving money by the virtue of having to buy less material, you can still resort to cheap fixes to add character to your space. This coupled with behavioral changes geared towards organizing your kitchen better might be all you need to create a small luxury kitchen on a budget. Contact the experts at Community Renovations to discuss your small kitchen renovation plans today!