We generally think of our homes as a safe haven, a place we can go to relax and get away from our worries and apprehensions. However, sometimes our relationship to our home changes in unexpected ways. This can often happen when we become handicapped or disabled, or have our mobility limited in some other way. Suddenly, the daily activities we once took for granted have become difficult, or even potentially dangerous. At such times we have three options:

1. Hire someone, like a live-in nurse, to help us on a daily basis.
2. Move to an assisted-living facility.
3. Improve our homes to make them easier to navigate.

Just because a person has become disabled, and as such have begun to find self-care to be much more difficult than it was before, that doesn’t mean that they are ready to five up their independence. Accepting the assistance of a live-in nurse or an assisted living facility can greatly simplify your daily routine, but it can also limit your privacy and negatively affect your mood and emotional health. For many people, maintaining independence is incredibly important. If you want to avoid having to rely on others during your daily routine contact Community Renovations today. Our remarkable barrier-free program can give you back your freedom and independence regardless of what type of disability or impairment you might have.

Community Renovations is a residential and commercial contractor ready and able to complete a wide variety of building and renovation-related projects in Detroit, MI. Though we have many programs available to our diverse range of clients, our most acclaimed is probably our barrier-free program. Barrier-free involves creating new homes or adapting old homes to be completely handicap accessible through the installation of items like:

• Grab Bars
• Lifts
• Walk-In Tubs
• Ramps
• Widened Doors

However, our barrier free homes aren’t just ideal for handicapped people. We believe in the principles of universal design, the idea that a shared space should be accessible to all people. That’s why our barrier free homes are just as comfortable and functional whether you’re disabled or not. Our homes are ideal for all potential applicants. In other words, if you’re disabled and you, say, have a spouse who is not, both of you will be entirely comfortable in your barrier-free home, all thanks to the principles of universal design. If you’re interested in learning more about universal design and potentially redesigning or adapting your home using those principles feel free to contact Community Renovations for more information. We’re located in Grosse Ile, a convenient location for those in Detroit, MI, and we’re ready and waiting to help you today.