John C., Brownstown Trustee

June 5, 2019

Eric Carbaho; Community Renovations,

It has been an esteemed pleasure to do business with you and your professional crew, while trying to renovate our home into a barrier-free, livable environment for my wife, who is suffering from increasing, debilitating arthritis, as she ages.

Although I know many builders and contractors, most of them are engaged in normal construction of homes, condos, and multiple-family residences. You are the very first contractor I have met who is dedicated to serving disabled residents, whether aged or not. Fortunately, my wife discovered you through searching contacts within medical assistance professionals, who deal more readily with those needing special assistance.

Your overall knowledge of building in general, as well as many handicap-specific nuances, have made our quest for a safe environment for my wife more of an adventurous trip with a friend, than a tedious trek among strangers, while seeking comfort and safety.

Please feel free to have other potential clients contact us to put their minds at ease, if they are considering using your services and feel somewhat apprehensive. We feel much at ease working with you, who are more focused on patients’ comfort and assistance in living, rather than mere monetary considerations. We, too, were apprehensive before we gratefully found you. We will gladly recommend you to others who are facing similar hardships in life, attempting to improve our life-style while dealing with handicaps.