Community Renovations is a contractor, builder and home improvement firm in Grosse Ile, MI. Though we have many specialties, the one which has earned us the most attention is our innovative barrier-free program. Through this program homes can be built or adapted to be fully handicap accessible allowing their inhabitants the freedom of an independent life through the installation of items like grab bars, lifts and ramps. We are proud to say that we can do essentially the same thing for seniors through our Aging in Place program. Aging in Place, like barrier-free, involves the installation of various items to make it easier for seniors with limited mobility to move about their homes with ease, significantly improving their quality of life. Over time, many people become less agile, making basic daily tasks like bathing or dressing a hassle, or even a hazard to their health. Aging in Place allows such people to continue living independently, letting them remain in their homes. Many seniors enter assisted living facilities because they feel that it would legitimately be the best thing for them, but many others do so because they feel that they have no choice. With Community Renovations you always have a choice. What kind of improvements can we make to your West Bloomfield, MI home through our Aging in Place program? Here are a few:

• A more open floor plan for easier navigation with a wheelchair or walker.
• The transformation of your home into a single floor to help you avoid stairs.
• Improved kitchens and bathrooms with easy-to-use fixtures, lowered counters and vanities, non-slip flooring and more.
• Appliances and cabinets moved to more comfortable heights to make them easier to access and utilize.
• The removal or widening of doors to simplify the process of moving from room to room.
• Re-designed bathroom spaces, making them more open, spacious and easily navigable and a raised or otherwise improved toilet to accommodate your height and mobility concerns.
• Walk-in showers and tubs to make bathing a snap.

Here at Community Renovations we put the needs of our customers above all else. That’s why we’ll adapt your home to your specific needs, all for a budget that won’t break the bank. We’ll work with you to ensure that your lifestyle demands are being met and that you’re fully satisfied with your new and improved home. If you want to leave your home and enter an assisted living facility that is obviously a viable option to consider for many seniors. If, however you would prefer to continue to live at home, that place you’ve grown to love and even depend upon, Community Renovations can help you today. So if you live in the West Bloomfield, MI area and you want to improve your home just contact Community Renovations. We’ll meet with you to discuss all of your specific needs, hopes and aspirations for your improved home, and then we’ll work tirelessly to make that home a reality for you today. Take back control of your life with Community Renovation’s Aging in Place program. We promise that you’ll be happy you did.