At Community Renovations, we’ve made it our goal to offer our assistance to all those who require construction–related aid. For this reason, we’ve endeavored to diversify our capabilities, giving us the skills and experience necessary to take on a huge variety of projects. One of our many areas of expertise is in the creation of barrier–free projects, home improvements and additions which aid those with disabilities or handicaps, allowing them to more easily navigate their homes. We fully believe that those with mobility–related issues should and can be able to access and utilize every feature of their homes. We’ll widen doors, modify tubs, install handrails and ramps… the list goes on. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that those who are handicapped will have full control over their homes, that they will be able to travel through them with ease and enjoy all of the luxuries and practical elements contained therein without difficulty. Because we want to assist and ease the lives of as many people as we possibly can, we have teamed with the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs to offer a variety of grant–supported barrier–free projects such as those carried out under the provisions established by a Specially Adapted Housing (or SAH) grant, created to assist wheelchair–bound or otherwise exceptionally disabled veterans with the costs associated with installing home additions related to their ailment. Those who receive support may be given as much as $63,780 depending on their specific case.


Who Can Receive in SAH Grant?


    • Only those who are disabled for service–related reasons are eligible.


    • SAH grants are specifically designed for those who are living with what is referred to by the V.A. as “permanent and total disability”. The recipients are those who would not be able to live independently without the home modifications they help pay for.


    • Most recipients are wheelchair–bound or require the constant support of crutches, canes or braces to be able to walk.


    • Also eligible are veterans who have lost one or both legs entirely. The amount of support you receive may be augmented if you have another related disability such as equilibrium disruptions.


    • Those who were blinded in one or both eyes and have lost the use of at least one of their legs are eligible.


    • Those who are not able to use their arms, or have lost them entirely, can likewise qualify for SAH aid.


How Can Community Renovations Help?


Our barrier–free construction program is an excellent compliment to the SAH grant. We can carry out a huge variety of related projects, including:


    • The installation of handrails and safety bars


    • The building of interior and exterior wheelchair ramps of all sizes


    • Widened doors for easier access


    • Lowered countertops, toilet seats or sinks


    • The installation of new roll–in showers or the modification of pre–existing tubs/showers


If you’ve a veteran who was severely disabled in the line of duty and you’re having trouble navigating your home, Community Renovations is proud to offer our assistance. We’ll work in tandem with the funds allotted by your SAH grant to improve your home and allow you a much higher degree of mobility therein. We guarantee that when we’re finished the changes we’ve made will dramatically improve your residence. Construction projects like the ones we offer just might change your life in a truly significant way. So if you need help, give us a call. We’re here to serve your needs, and to make your life better.