Roll Under Vanity for Wheelchair AccessHere at Community Renovations we strive to enrich the lives of our customers in {{CITY}}, particularly those who are disabled or handicapped. For them, these people who face severe mobility issues every day, we have worked hard to ensure that we are able to better their stations in a number of ways. This includes the building of a diverse line of wheelchair ramps, widened doors for easier access, grab/safety bars for additional security, stair lifts for those in houses with multiple floors, and walk–in showers for those who might have difficulty bathing alone. One of our many areas of expertise in the field of barrier–free construction is the modification of sinks in the pursuit of handicap accessibility. We know that a sink, whether in a bathroom, a kitchen or any other room for that matter, is a central feature of any room in which it resides, and for this reason making sure they are able to be accessed by all who require their use is incredibly important. But what if, instead of a regular sink, you have a vanity, a combination cabinet/countertop/sink? That would seem on the surface to be a far more complex renovation job than a typical stand alone sink, but Community Renovations is ready to rise to the challenge and provide you with a beautiful handicap–accessible roll–under vanity of your own.

How Can a Roll–Under Vanity Help You??

The list of rules that all piers and boardwalks must follow to be classified as handicap accessible in the eyes of ADA representatives is long and complex. While not every rule will be described here, a token few will be mentioned as examples.

  • People who are wheelchair–bound often have a difficult time using sinks because their means of conveyance cannot fit beneath standard models. With a roll–under vanity you can correct this problem without sacrificing storage space or aesthetics.
  • Pipes beneath your sink can burn the legs of those in wheelchairs. Roll–under models eliminate this issue as well.
  • Roll–under vanities take up less space and offer the potential for increased mobility.

Why Community Renovations?

  • Building a roll–under vanity isn’t an easy job. You’ll need a company with a great deal of experience in barrier–free design like Community Renovations.
  • Your sink may require a height adjustment to be completely handicap–accessible, a procedure we are more than able to perform.
  • We’ll tailor the project to your budget, needs and time consideration, work efficiently, never overcharge and leave you with a product which balances functionality and aesthetics.

If you’re trying to make your home or workplace handicap–accessible and you require a roll–under vanity to accomplish that goal, consider contacting Community Renovations in {{CITY}}, {{STATE}}. We’ll ensure that you receive a great product which meets every one of your specifications. We’re proud of our work in barrier–free construction, and we’d like nothing more than to ass