If you’ve recently become handicapped or disabled, you’ve just moved into a home which is not currently handicap–accessible or you’re trying to make your property or business easier to navigate for those with the issues mentioned above and you or your business resides in the our service area then you should certainly consider giving Community Renovations a call. We have the expertise and the resources to carry out a wide variety of barrier–free construction and improvement projects. Though ideally one should make an entire property completely handicap–accessible, two of the most important rooms to update to fit these parameters are the bathroom and kitchen. Community Renovations offers a whole host of additions for both, including ramps, stair lifts, grab bars, widened doors and walk–in showers. However, one feature which is important to consider in relation to both rooms is the accessibility of the sink. One of the most important elements of either room, sinks can often be hard for the handicapped to access because there isn’t enough room beneath them to fit a pair of legs, let alone a wheelchair. Fortunately, Community Renovations can help by installing a roll–under sink in the kitchen or bathroom of your home or business.

How Can a Roll–Under Sink Help You?

  • Those in wheelchairs often can only operate sinks from a good distance away, causing them to strain to perform a task as simple as washing their hands. A roll–under sink allows for much easier access.
  • Also, the closer one is able to get to a sink the more nearby space they will be able to reach. For someone in a wheelchair, a soap dispenser or a washcloth might be difficult to reach, a scenario which would never occur with a roll–under sink. Also, now there is more space on the sink which can be utilized, allowing for more storage/decorating space.
  • If you have pipes beneath your sink they can burn or injure the legs of a wheelchair–bound individual. This would not be a problem with a roll–under sink.

Why Community Renovations?

If composite just isn’t the right material for your project you should know that there are a wide variety of options:

  • We’re experts in our field with a great deal of experience installing roll–under sinks and other similar items.
  • We can make other modifications to your sink as well. We could, for example, change its height or replace the faucet with one which is easier to operate.
  • We’ll work efficiently to ensure that you can use your new sink as soon as possible.
  • We always strive to make our customers to pay as little as possible. Therefore, if costly renovations are not necessary we will avoid them. We will look at your pre–existing space and the items therein and try to modify them rather than replacing them outright. However, if entirely new items are necessary we’re more than able to install them.
  • We’ll tailor the project to your precise specifications based on your needs and budget
  • We’ll place an equally high emphasis on both functionality and aesthetics

If you’re trying to make your bathroom more handicap–accessible, consider contacting Community Renovations. We’re committed fully to the needs of our clients, granting them the means to increase their mobility for the lowest cost and smallest time commitment possible. We’ll work with you to make sure that all of your needs are met and that you’ll be left with an affordable, highly functional and aesthetically pleasing product, guaranteed. So whatever your barrier–free related needs, call Community Renovations today. Let us show you what a difference our help can make.