Here at Community Renovations we offer our handicapped clients in Detroit a wide variety of accessories to simplify their lives and allow them greater mobility within their homes. These include popular and effective options like wheelchair ramps, stair lifts, walk–in showers and more. Though many of our items are geared toward the bathroom, we know of course that the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Thus, for those with mobility problems making theirs fully handicap–accessible is an absolutely essential step. As such, we offer a number of kitchen–related options. For example, we help you relocate and all important electrical features like switches and outlets to make them more easily accessible and move or redesign counter cabinets to make them easier to use. We can widen the doorway to your kitchen, build a wheelchair ramp leading into it or install grab bars throughout it for increased security. However, one of the most significant changes we can make to any kitchen space is the installation of roll–under kitchen countertops.

What Are the Advantages of a Roll–Under Kitchen Countertop?

  • They allow those who are wheelchair bound to get much closer to the counter itself, giving their legs space.
  • They allow you to utilize the space of the countertop more effectively, giving you more room in which to work.
  • They can allow you to reach areas you never could before, giving you more storage, work or decorating room. With roll–under kitchen countertops, you can finally utilize all of the space your kitchen has to offer.

Why Community Renovations?

If composite just isn’t the right material for your project you should know that there are a wide variety of options:

  • We’re experts in our field. We know how to take your preexisting countertop and reconfigure into a roll–under kitchen countertop designed for handicap access. Sometimes drawers or cupboard space will need to be removed. Perhaps your countertop is too high and will have to be lowered. No matter what the issue, Community Renovations has a solution.
  • We’ll always try to afford the lowest rates and the smallest time commitment possible, but if your countertop cannot be reconfigured effectively into a roll–under kitchen countertop and will have to be replaced we are more than able to do work of that nature as well.
  • We’ll work efficiently so you can start using your new counter sooner.
  • We’ll sit down with you to figure out exactly what you need and how much you can spend. We’ll never overcharge you for work.

If you have trouble getting around your kitchen, if you’re not able to utilize your counters as effectively as you’d like, just give Community Renovations a call. We’ll work efficiently, charge you as little as possible and leave you with work you can be proud of. Call us today and give us a chance to change your life.