Community Renovations is an acclaimed contractor working out of Grosse Ile, MI. Though we perform a wide variety of services, including building, design and renovation projects for both commercial and residential applications, we are perhaps most passionate about our barrier-free program. Basically, barrier free involves creating or adapting buildings to be fully handicap accessible. No matter what your disability might be, Community Renovations can adapt your home to meet your needs.

Do you want:
• Grab bars for more stability?
• Lifts or ramps to help you ascend levels or curbs?
• A walk-in tub and/or shower to minimize the danger of bathroom falls?
• Lowered cabinets and vanities to make their usage easier?
• Improved appliances and fixtures to better match your specific needs?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you owe it to yourself to contact Community Renovations today. You see, these are just a couple of the many barrier-free services that Community Renovations can offer as part of their barrier-free program. But before you consider our services you should know that our barrier free homes aren’t just ideal for those with disabilities but for those without as well. Our barrier-free program is built around the concept of universal design, the idea that structures should be constructed in such a way that everyone should be able to travel through them with the same level of ease. In other words, our barrier-free buildings are ideal for both disabled and non-disabled people. They are ideal for families where one member is disabled because the additions we make are guaranteed to inconvenience no one. Here are a few more involved ideas that you might consider as well:

• Lower your home’s entryway so that stairs are no longer required.
• Change the surface texture of your flooring to make it easier to travel across in a wheelchair, or make them slip resistant to prevent falls.
• Widen your doors to make them easier to travel through with a wheelchair or a walker.
• Replace all the knobs in your home with levers to make doors easier to open and appliances simpler to turn on.
• Light switches that operate based on large touch-screen panels instead of switches to make them easier to activate.
• Brighter lighting to highlight hazards that might pose a threat.
• A simplified floor plan which will make travel from one room to another more direct.

If any of those changes sound like ones you would like to make to your home or you’re simply interested in the idea of universal design visit Community Renovations in Grosse Ile today.