We’re meant to feel stable and safe in our homes, to feel like we’re in control at all times. Any violation of that security can leave us reeling emotionally. Unfortunately as we get older some of that security can begin to fall away. Tasks which we once took for granted like bathing, dressing and walking down the stairs can suddenly become difficult or even life-threatening. At such times, many feel they have to move to an assisted living facility or a nursing home. After all, the senior feels that they cannot take care of themselves any longer, and perhaps that living in such a facility might bring relief. For many such facilities can be a blessing. However, moving to one requires leaving one’s home, something which can lead to emotional trauma. Over time we become very emotionally attached to our homes. Having to leave them can bring on something called relocation stress or transfer trauma, which can lead to feelings of helplessness, depression, trouble sleeping or, in extreme cases, even death. Fortunately, there is another solution.

If you’re a senior in the Monroe area or one of your loved ones might have to enter an assisted living facility soon, contact Community Renovations. Community Renovations is a Grosse Ile, MI-based contactor, builder and home improvement firm with a focus on barrier-free design, a means by which a home can be built or redesigned to make it more accessible to those with disabilities, improving their quality of life dramatically in the process. Here at Community Renovations we’re happy to say that we can do the same for seniors through our innovative Aging in Place program. Aging in Place involves allowing seniors to stay in their homes for long past the time they would have had or ordinarily leave. Ideally, leaving will never even be necessary. Through the installation of items like grab bars, non-slip flooring, walk-in tubs and easy-to-use fixtures, the homes of seniors throughout Michigan can be dramatically improved.

What are the benefits of Aging in Place? Here are just a few:

• Keep your independence and maintain your ability to bathe, dress and live on your own.
• Avoid the stress and emotional pressure of having to leave your home.
• Keep your mind more active by continuing to carry out a complex daily routine.
• Avoid unnecessary exposure to pathogens and disease-causing germs.
• Save a great deal of money on living expenses.
• Feel safe, secure and comfortable in your home again.

If you live in the Monroe, MI area and you’re looking for another solution, one which would allow you to stay at home, contact Community Renovations today and ask us about our Aging in Place program.