Our homes are meant to be a secure, wonderful place where we can relax and true safety and comfort. However, often as we become older daily routines which we used to take for granted can become increasingly difficult. A tub where we used to take relaxing baths can become a dangerous obstacle. Stairs which we used to traverse with ease can become virtually unassailable. Doors which we used to walk through every day can suddenly become too narrow for our walkers or wheelchairs. At such times many elderly people resign themselves to leaving their homes and entering a nursing home or an assisted living facility. And though some do this willingly, feeling that they would be better off under the care and supervision of a trusted institution, many make this move simply because they feel that they have no choice. In fact, a study by the EAR Foundation, in conjunction with Clarity, found that seniors are more afraid of losing their independence than they are of dying. However, many seniors believe that if they can no longer traverse their home safely they have no option but to leave it. Fortunately, there is another option.

Community Renovations, a contracting firm located in Grosse Ile, MI, has all of the tools, experience and knowledge necessary to transform your home into one you can thrive in for years to come. We take part in a program called Aging in Place, which basically involves adapting the homes of those with limited mobility or disabilities to make said homes easier to traverse. We can install items like guard rails, anti-slip flooring, ramps, lifts, easy-to-use fixtures and more to make the process of traveling around your home far less taxing. We understand that your home is the place you want to feel most secure and that feeling unsafe in your home can often lead to feelings of desperation and hopelessness. We are here to reintroduce that safe, comfortable feeling to your home.

There are three common situations wherein Aging in Place adjustments are useful:

#1 Preparing for the Future: Some people simply adapt their homes not because they currently have impaired mobility but they’re worried about having it in the future. They want to be able to stay in their homes for years to come so they adapt them in preparation for the future.

#2 Dealing With Progressive Conditions: The majority of people who desire to live in Aging in Place environments are dealing with progressive conditions which may worsen or develop over time. These conditions include things like diabetes and heart disease. The adjustments which need to be made for conditions like these are usually fairly minor, but they can make a great deal of difference.

#3 Making a Swift Change: Sometimes your life can change dramatically in an instant. If you need an immediate change to your home during the sudden onset of a traumatic condition or disability Community Renovations can help you today.

Regardless of which category you fall into, visit Community Renovations in Grosse Ile today.