Your home is your refuge, the place you go to relax and recharge. We feel safest and most secure in our homes because they are our space. This security is a very precious thing. However, as we get older this security can begin to fall away. For many of us, increased aging brings with it mobility difficulties, and the more these difficulties affect us the more difficult it can become to do many things we once took for granted, things like bathing, dressing and walking down stairs. Something as simple as stepping into a tub can become a dangerous activity. Many seniors who reach this place feel that going to an assisted living facility or nursing home is their only option. They feel unable to take care of themselves, unsafe in their own homes and, as such, they move to protect themselves. Many seniors view moving to such a facility as a positive thing, as they reason that living there will make them safer and improve their quality of life, but many do so reluctantly. Leaving one’s home is never easy. Those seniors might be happy to know that there is, in fact, another option.

Located in Grosse Ile, MI, only a short drive for those who live in the Birmingham, MI area, Community Renovations is a contractor, builder and home improvement firm with an emphasis on making the lives of their clients easier. Our remarkable barrier-free program has helped a great many disabled people, with Community Renovations stepping in to either create a home which is fully handicap accessible or adapt their current home to make it far easier to navigate. We can do the same thing for those who are elderly and are facing the possibility of having to move to a nursing home through our innovative Aging in Place program. With our help, and through the installation of elements like grab bars, non-slip flooring and easy-to-use fixtures, you can feel safe in your home again. What are some of the advantages of Aging in Place?

• Avoid Illness: Though it may seem counter-intuitive, care facilities can actually expose you to a variety of diseases you would not have otherwise come across, due to heavy use of antibiotics creating more resilient germs, a lack of proper handwashing in many such facilities among staff and the sickness of residents. At home you can better control your exposure to such germs or even avoid exposure altogether.

• Avoid Transfer Trauma: Many elderly people go through transfer trauma, or relocation stress, when they are forced to move from their home. This can lead to problems sleeping, confusion, depression, withdrawal or, in extreme cases, even death.

• Preserve Brain Functionality: Did you know that living a complex live is key to keeping your brain healthy and fully functional? Simplify your daily routine too much and it can have a negative effect upon your brain’s functionality. It’s important as you get older to continue to do as many things for yourself as possible. Our Aging in Place program gives you that option.

So, if you live in the Birmingham, MI area and you’re worried about having to move to a nursing home in the near future, contact Community Renovations today and ask us about our Aging in Place program.