We at Community Renovations have always made it one of our primary goals to assist those who are in need. Though we are pleased to lend our services to a variety of projects, both commercial and residential, we are especially happy to offer our services to barrier–free construction projects to assist those who are disabled or just have a bit of trouble getting around. We offer a whole variety of related projects, including bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and maintain a sincere hope that all of those who require our assistance in areas like these will be able to receive it. As such, Community Renovations could be more proud to ally with the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs to offer HISA grant–aided projects. If the client is eligible to receive it, a HISA grant can make a great deal of difference. The program was created as a way of assisting disabled veterans by covering some of the cost of home improvement projects related to their affliction. With the aid of this money, and the expert work of Community Renovations, any home can be fully outfitted to better mesh with the realities of your disability and significantly improve your quality of living.

What Can a HISA Grant Do?

  • If you’re a veteran who has developed a disability since ending your active duty in the military you could receive up to $1,200 in aid.
  • If your disability is service–related, you could receive up to $4,100.
  • This money can be used for a variety of projects, including bathroom additions like roll–in showers and lowered sinks or counters.
  • It can also be used to build ramps, widen doorways, install railings or even redo your driveway or a nearby sidewalk if they are impeding or complicating your wheelchair usage.
  • HISA offers additional options for blind or vision–impaired veterans, like improve lightning, the installation of sliding doors for usage in cabinets, the installation of fire alarms or stair repairs.
  • HISA grants cannot be used for projects not related to your disability, like building a deck or repairing your roof.
  • It also cannot be used for certain projects which could be connected to your disability, like the creation of an entirely new bathroom, the installation of a new tub or the widening of your driveway.

How Can Community Renovations Help

As barrier–free construction experts, there are a wide variety of HISA–supported projects that Community Renovations can carry out. We can:

  • Install handrails and grab bars in a variety of locations
  • Remodel your sink to make it easier to use in conjunction with a wheelchair
  • Widen doors to allow for easier access
  • Build wheelchair ramps of all sizes
  • Install an entirely new roll–in shower or convert your old one to make it handicap accessible

If you’re a veteran dealing with a disability you can count on Community Renovations for expert assistance. Working in tandem with your personalized HISA plan, we’ll ensure that when we’re done with our renovations your home will be far easier to navigate and your quality of life will improve. We take great pleasure in granting ourselves the means and the ability to assist others, so if you have a construction project you need completed, no matter how big or small, give us a call. We strive to assist you in any way we can. Let us improve your life.