installed grab barsAt Community Renovations, we seek to truly improve the lives of our clients in Detroit. Though we carry out a wide variety of projects, including both commercial and residential concerns, we are perhaps most proud of our barrier–free efforts. These include the installation of various items which can greatly improve the mobility of disabled or handicapped clients within their own homes. We also offer these same options to businesses who are trying to become more handicap–accessible. We can even remodel various rooms or elements within those rooms to improve their handicap functionality. Though we offer a variety of options, including widened doors, roll–in showers, lowered counters and sinks and wheelchair ramps, one of our most popular and commonly used items are our grab bars. Also known as safety bars, these items are an excellent and often essential addition to any handicap–accessible home or business in Detroit, Michigan.

What Can Grab Bars Do?

  • They can provide additional balance for those with canes or equilibrium issues, or those who are just concerned with falling, such as people with osteoporosis or a recently healed fracture.
  • They can add a great deal of safety and security to an environment, allowing those with mobility issues a good amount of additional support.
  • Grab bars can go a long way towards transforming an environment into one which is handicap accessible. For example, install them in a bathroom and you’re well on your way to offering a handicap–accessible environment. Additional changes may have be made, but their installation will make a huge difference.

Why Community Renovations?

If composite just isn’t the right material for your project you should know that there are a wide variety of options:

  • Our grab bars can be installed in a wide variety of locations, including your bathroom, kitchen, staircase or just about anywhere else.
  • We ensure that our products are dependable and secure.
  • We are a highly–experienced, fully–licensed company.
  • We’ll complete the task you assign with great efficiency.
  • We’ll work carefully with you to discern precisely what you need and ensure that you pay the lowest price possible for the installation of your grab bars.

If you’re trying to make your home or business more handicap accessible then grab bars are a great way to start or a wise addition to an ongoing project. They’ll provide a great deal of safety and security for any and all users with mobility issues and will simply make the place that they are located more easily accessible and handicap–friendly. So if you want grab bars installed, wherever you need them, consider Community Renovations near Detroit. We’ll get the job done efficiently and skillfully, and you’ll never overpay a cent. If you want your project done your way, if you want to receive exactly what you need, then call us today.