Creating the Perfect Wheelchair Ramp for Your Needs

May 18, 2015

All our wheelchair users should be able to move around easily and unimpeded by the topography of their desired destination. For this reason, Grosse Ile MI has vibrant community renovation companies that aid in constructing customized ramps. A wheelchair ramp is an inclined plane or surface that works similarly to or as an alternative to the stairs.

The portability and nature of a ramp define its nature. There are three types of ramps. However, depending on the design and need they can be numerous.
• The portable ramp. This is usually aluminum-made. It is easy to fold, transport and set up. They are used for both domestic, building and in loading vehicles. It works for both person and machinery like trolley’s use.
• The permanent ramp. From the name, they are designed to be attached or bolted hence they are not transportable.
• The semi-permanent ramp’s functioning is similar to the permanent one. However, its design is different, and it is ideally convenient for use in short periods. Its base rests on top of a concrete pad or surface/floor.

Benefits of wheelchair ramps
1. Make it possible for the disabled to access buildings
2. They are convenient and less strenuous as opposed to the stairs.
3. They are easy to install; the portable ramp.
4. They are durable and reliable, especially the permanent ones.
5. They add detail and make your premise look good.

Building a wheelchair ramp for home
The ease of using a portable or a permanent ramp is what many wheelchair users will naturally want. A less steep slope is safer and easier to use, especially when snowy and sleeper. There are a number of steps to note:
1. The portable one- Start off with the plan creation. Cut the pieces and then fit them on your plane; be it wood or metal. Finally, attach it to the building at its entry and install supports along the ramp to make it firm and convenient in case of slips and skids.
2. The semi-portable ramp- Begin by ensuring you have a firm surface to hold it. A concrete pad is convenient for fitting. Finally, some tight bolting and anchoring of its position will enhance its firmness.
3. The permanent ramp is easiest. Identify its prospective length, design and area prior to building. You need the design frame in place to hold and guide your concrete mix. Finally, level the top and ensure it’s less slippery by using a non-slip tactile or coating.
Alternatively, you can contract a well-reviewed, experience-rich company to have it professionally and customized to suit your needs.

The make-work-easier factor is your ramp specifications like the inclination angle; the smaller the angle, the less straining it is to use. The American Disabilities Act (ADA) gives the ratio 1:12 as publicly convenient for use. Most Grosse Ile MI companies, a foot of length for every inch of rise, are the used dimension. It is similar to the ADA prescribed and must be shorter than 30 feet long.