Founded in 1944 in Lansing, MI, the Children With Special Needs Fund has been making a hugely significant difference in the lives of thousands of families. Their goal has long been to help provide children with handicaps or disabilities with various tools to assist in their mobility and to provide physical therapy. Sometimes they will pay part of the cost of an item, while other times they will pay all of it. This decision is entirely situational. The fund is entirely privately financed through donations, with no tax or federal money utilized. Though they are able to offer additional capital for improvement projects to aid these children they are not able to complete the installations of these items themselves, and as such must rely on outside companies to carry out this phase of their charitable work. One of these companies is Community Renovations, who are proud to support the Children With Special Needs Fund and assist them by providing those whom they aid with the tools their children require.


Who is Eligible to Receive Aid


Because the Children with Special Needs Fund is non–profit and depends entirely upon voluntary donations for funding they must follow certain parameters to ensure that they only help those who truly cannot go on without their assistance. If you feel your child might be eligible you must provide the following:


    • The estimated cost of your project as projected by officially licensed contractors (Community Renovations would be happy to serve this function for you, but you will need to collect two other estimates as well. They will accept no less than three estimates or bids.)


    • A letter from your child’s doctor explaining their needs and why they require the equipment requested


    • A letter from the child’s family explaining the reasons behind their request


    • Documentation showing that you have attempted to gather these funds from other similar organizations but have been unsuccessful (Because the Children With Special Needs Fund relies on donated funds they simply cannot be your first choice for support, but are more than willing to help if other options have been exhausted.)


    • Your child must also be a part of the Children’s Special Heath Care Services Program, or CSHCS. If they would be eligible for this program but are not actually enrolled they may also be considered as candidates.


Where Does Community Renovations Fit In?


We are proud to offer our support to the Children With Special Needs Fund and the families they assist by serving as installers for the products these children require. Wheelchair ramps, an item often funded by the CWSNF, are one of our specialties, but no matter what the job is, consider Community Renovations. Call us today for an estimate and a guarantee that we can perform the task you require.