Add Functionality to Your Home Office with a Quick Renovation

April 22, 2021

Now that working from home is more common than ever, many are realizing they need a dedicated home office space to be more productive and focused while working. Some may be fortunate enough to have a room they can convert into a home office, others may consider adding on to their home, and still others may consider a home office remodel in an existing space. No matter the space you have to work with, a home office remodel can add functionality and allow you to maintain a home and work balance no matter where your office is located.

Home office with wall of windows around room

Possible Spaces for a Home Office

Most workers who are transitioning to working from home need to begin with finding a space in their home that can be used for a home office. Maybe you have an unused – or underused –  room in your home that is readily available to take over. Maybe you have a room that can be converted. Maybe you can finish a space in a garage, basement, or attic. Maybe you are limited to smaller spaces, such as converting a pantry or walk-in closet.  Or maybe you know that you’ll be converting only part of an existing space, such as a corner of a living room, family room, or guest bedroom. If you think creatively, there is always a space you can work with.

Focus on the Necessities

Begin with the basics of what you need in a home office. Do you need a door that can be closed for privacy? Do you need a professional background for video calls? A large desk for multiple monitors? Soundproofing? Ample storage? While the décor of a home office is the fun part, your office should be functional first, and that means meeting your particular needs for your work.

Choose Lighting and Colors that Inspire You

Once you have determined the necessities you need for your home office, you can move onto the décor. The benefit of a home office is that you can design it in a way that speaks to you. Whether it is colors that make you happy, ample lighting, a comfortable rug, or a gallery wall, you can really focus on making your home office yours. With the right décor, even a small space can be a pleasant one to spend a workday.

A Home Office Remodel is About Optimizing Space

Unless you are fortunate enough to have a full room available to convert to a home office, you may find yourself working in a small space. You can still create a beautiful home office by optimizing that space with organization. A home office can blend the lines between “home” and “work” by using built-in storage that works to keep you organized while remaining aesthetically pleasing. Floating shelving with lighting features can allow plenty of room to store paperwork and files while keeping the floor space uncluttered.

A home office remodel doesn’t need to be a major inconvenience or expense. With the right planning and organization, a home office remodel can take the space you have and make it a beautiful, functional, and inviting space for you to spend your working hours. Getting in touch with a renovation specialist is a good way to begin your project. We can help. With our experience and skills, we can help you plan a home office renovation. Contact Community Renovations to set up an appointment today!